Clinic Policies 

Dear Patient,


Your health and well-being are paramount to me. I understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing regarding the coronavirus, and want to assure you that I am following our standard stringent protocols to keep you safe, in addition to following all recommendations and updates from the CDC and WHO.


New You Sanitation and Prevention Methods

As always, between every patient and at the end of the day, we fully sanitize the treatment area and all working surfaces.  We use Cavacide to clean, a disinfectant commonly used in hospitals and operating rooms. We will be wiping down all common and high touch areas (such as our iPad, desktop, and desk). And I will continue to wash my hands before and after every patient and wear a new, clean pair of gloves with each treatment. 

Furthermore, we will be screening patients coming into the clinic. All patients are being notified to stay home and reschedule if they are experiencing any symptoms, including low grade fevers. We will also require patient hands be disinfected before each treatment. 


New You Moving Forward

With the current environment changing on a daily basis I am closely monitoring all updates to determine what steps to take moving forward.  Rescheduling appointments is never ideal, however, if I end up experiencing any symptoms please know, out of an an abundance of caution, I plan to stay home and recover until I no longer have any symptoms. I thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility. I promise you that if this occurs we will reschedule all appointments as quickly as possible.


What You Can Do

If you’re not feeling well, please contact us ASAP to reschedule your appointment. Until your symptoms have subsided, we will address any concerns by phone or text. With any illness, your immune system is in a heightened state, any services we perform could trigger unwanted side effects. Therefore, it has always been our policy not to perform treatments if the patient is sick. If you are feeling ill (including something like a bladder infection or sinus infection), have had a dental procedure within the last 4 weeks, or have received a vaccination for any illness in the last 4 weeks that you put off services. Remember, during times like these self care is ultimately what is most important for all of us. Get exercise, eat right, stay hydrated and perhaps reduce social media consumption. Practice social distancing as much as is possible for your  situation. We also suggest you follow any CDC and local government health guidelines. 

 Bottom line is, I’m a health care professional and patient safety is my number one priority. I am committed to providing all of my valued patients with the highest quality care. Please reach out if you have any questions, and we hope to see you soon!


Nyeree Hazelton, RN BSN

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