Lose the lines and wrinkles and regain your youthful appearance once again with Sculptra –  an FDA-approved injectable that helps stimulate your skin’s collagen growth and inner structure, leading to increase in facial volume that is lost due to aging. Unlike other fillers and treatments, Sculptra addresses the underlying cause of aging and not just the symptoms.


Sculptra is comprised of poly-L-lactic acid – a synthetic, biodegradable, and compatible material which can be applied to the body to help restore lost collagen. Through a series of injections over the course of a few months, the skin’s inner structure begins to strengthen as the collagen strands are restored. As treatment is continued, wrinkles and lines begin to fade away as facial volume gradually restores itself through the restoration of the lost collagen.


Sculptra is intended as a one-time treatment for those whose immune systems are still in good health. This treatment typically consists of a series of four injection sessions with a minimum of three week intervals between each session. You’ll be consulted to look over your medical history, photographs and standard wrinkle assessment score to determine if Sculptra is right for and what sort of a treatment plan you can expect that is made specific to you. After each injection session, you’ll be asked to massage the treated area, using a facial moisturizer, to ensure the injection is spread out evenly. You’ll be advised to regularly massage the treated area five times a day, for about five minutes each time. This’ll help in producing a natural-looking correction.


Our Phoenix summers are HOT. If cellulite on your thighs keeps you from rocking that short skirt, those cut offs or drives you to keep your cover-up on at the pool, you’re not alone: 90% of us women suffer through cellulite. Recent research into the structure of skin confirms that cellulite is the product of anatomy, genes, and hormones. Lucky us. Cellulite happens when fat pushes up against connective tissue under the skin, creating the appearance of dimpling. Now, we are finding that a long lasting treatment for cellulite is Sculptra.

Sculptra is an injectable filler containing polylactic acid, a synthetic material that is absorbable by the body (being commonly used in temporary stitches). After marking the treatable areas, I inject a pain reliever. Using the needle of the injectable, I break up the connective tissue and then inject filler to lift up the dimpled skin. I will then have you gently massage the area to distribute the filler evenly. The procedure can take up to 30 minutes and will usually cause some bruising, which goes away in two weeks or less. The procedure has an added bonus. As the Sculptra is absorbed, it stimulates your body to produce its own collagen, helping to further smooth wrinkles and folds for at least a few years.


If you are interested in learning more about Sculptra, the first step is to schedule a private consultation! 

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