New You Medical Spa is pleased to partner with Eat2Lean Meals to offer the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss® Program. Using hCG for weight loss has actually been around since the 1950s. Dr. Simeons discovered that this naturally occurring hormone when partnered with a Very Low Calorie Diet has the effect of unlocking the body’s fat stores. Then metabolism burns these energy reserves to power daily functions to prevent the drastic muscle loss as seen with many other programs.

Attack Fat, Fix Your Weight Set Point

The Clean Start program is specifically designed to reshape the body’ fat deposits, particularly targeting the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face. It has also been suggested that hCG plays a role in establishing a new weight “set point” for the body, making one less likely to return to one’s previous body weight.

Reset Metabolism, Hunger, Cravings

No other weight loss program addresses and corrects low metabolism, intense and constant hunger, or emotional eating and food cravings. The Clean Start hCG Weight Loss program’s goal is to reset your metabolism to a normal level. Your physical hunger is reset to the normal level. Emotional eating issues and food cravings are also reset. Ultimately, when you finish this program you will be able to be a normal person in relation to your eating and weight. Your hunger will be normalized. Your body will burn the food you eat, so that it does not turn to fat. Your hunger and appetite mechanism will be regular without food cravings.

30,000 Satisfied Participants

Another benefit to completing the hCG Protocol is that it may reset your metabolism to a “normal” level, allowing you to actually eat more food, without gaining weight. To date over 30,000 people have participated in this protocol, so you are joining an established, safe, and very effective weight loss program.

The Clean Start hCG Weight Loss program is not all about being hungry the rest of your life. It is about utilizing the benefit of hCG, together with a very short restricted diet, to give you long-lasting weight loss results. When you finish the program, you will be able to eat anything you like, but you’ll find you’ll crave more healthy options. If you follow this program, you’ll have a Clean Start!


  • Free initial phone consultation 
  • Your choice of either a 21 or 28 day challenge-price varies
  • Baseline blood work
  • Weight loss monitored weekly by Nyeree, a medical professional
  • Eliminates fat deposits, particularly targeting the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face
  • Full body measurements including body fat percentages
  • Weekly Wednesday Check In, with weigh in and B12 shot
  • Daily HCG injections (administered at home)
  • ALL meals and snacks included [picked up Wednesday at clinic and also delivered to your home on Sunday]
  • No grocery shopping, no cooking, no guesswork needed
  • Pharmacological therapy options
  • Covered by many HSA or insurance Plans**

*Includes hCG Clean Start Plan appropriate foods prepared and delivered by Eat2Lean Meals to ensure success.** Insurance may cover your weight loss screening. Please check with your insurance company for details.

Featuring a Ready to Eat Menu from Eat2Lean Meals

The Eat2Lean hCG Diet Plan is a three week, rotating menu plan that contains different meals throughout the week and changes weekly so you don’t get bored. The fresh food is delivered to your doorstep twice a week (Sunday and Wendnesday) and contains every meal and snack you need to be successful!

Each meal is in its own container for easy packing so you never go with out!

Saves time and energy and allows you to spend more time doing what you love

Helps you fight temptation when your meals are all planned out and prepared!

Perfectly weighed and portioned out for guaranteed success!


If you are interested in learning more, the first step is to schedule a private consultation with Nyeree. During this session, she will review your medical history, answer your questions and review the three stages of the Clean Start hCG Plan. You can also view the plan menu from Eat2Lean so you can see the delicious, healthy food you will get delivered to your home or to our offices during your appointments.

“The greatest wealth is health.”

– Virgil


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